How To Bypass Facebook Photo Verification – Alternate Method

Somehow your Facebook has been blocked and you can’t log-in. Facebook has implemented various security features to ensure everyone is using their original identity. But sometimes these measures could become potential problem for the end users.


Sometime time ago, my friend’s account was blocked and he had requested me to unlock it. His facebook account was showing the error as “Please Verify Your Identity”. I had no idea how to unlock it as i’ve never encountered the problem before but after some tinkering i found these two ways by which you can verify your facebook profile for identity.

I followed these steps to unlock it – Facebook has provided a nice and easy way of recognizing profile pictures of your friend’s to verify your identity. It’s a 3 step process and if you don’t recognize any of your friends you can skip that step and a new set of photos will be presented, this can be done only 2 times.

But what if you can’t identify your friend’s DP’s (Display Pictures) at all, there’s an alternate method.

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Alternative To Facebook Photo Verification :-
To unblock your account alternatively, you have to upload a valid scanned proof identity to Facebook. To do so, follow the steps :

  • First log-in to your Facebook account.
  • Now a warning will be displayed like – ‘Please Verify Your Identity‘.
  • Click on Continue.
  • Then, a set of CAPTCHA letters will be displayed, type it as it is and click on Continue.
  • Now, a new page will appear asking to you to complete a security check, click on Start.
  • Pictures of your friends will appear at the next screen, try to identify them correctly. If successful your account will be unblocked but if not, continue.
  • Now, click on ‘I’m Having Trouble With This Method‘.
  • Then click on, ‘Submit A Request’.
  • On the next page, fill your name as Facebook ID.
  • Choose the scanned ID to upload.
  • Enter the country name in which ID was issued.
  • Now just click on Send.
If you’ve submitted correct ID then Facebook will unblock your account but it could take anywhere between 5 to 10 days.
This method could help a lot of people who have their accounts suspended because of whatever reasons. If your’s account too is blocked, did you got it opened using these methods? If YES, then don’t forget to like this post.

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  2. Same Problem Here. But You Can Bypaas Photo Security To Unblock Your Accouot By Using A Japanies Ip In Monzila Firefox Browser On Android. 😉

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    • If you can’t identify your friend’s profile pictures then you could mail your Photo Id Proof To facebook along with your account details and they would unblock it for you.

  4. Either Facebook will change this policy or it will become the new Myspace. Many of my friends have already dumped Facebook for other social media sites. Dump Facebook!

  5. You should only have to do this if you’re being investigated for a crime. I’m not handing my I.D or social security for their marketing purposes.

  6. This wont work. When the system asks for gov id, the challenge changes. There are two methods that are already old soon as its mentioned. Proxy servers to gain identifying through phone number or changing the html element to alter the DOM that bypasses security lock. Again these methods are old soon as I hit the post comment button. You might as well just avoid the zion orthodox jewish fbi social site completely and honor reddit that doesnt answer to feds demands.

  7. I need help. They blocked my account for the same reason.all my game levels are gone. I was on level 586 in candy crush.I have alot of pictures and memories on my page. What the kicker is… I cant even get on my son’s page he passed away December 27th 2014 I controlled his page from my page or my screen name now I can’t even get on his page I can’t even put up a memorial on his page. I have been so depressed over this I don’t understand why we cannot have our nicknames as screen name. Please help me unlock my facebook


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