Whatsapp Web : The Next Inning

Whatsapp – which revolutionized the world of instant messaging, so much that it was seen as a future threat to Facebook’s Messenger, has made it’s way to our personal computers though just as an extension but it’s an added feature. With ever increasing user-base of 700+ million, which is growing at an incredible pace of […]

How To Use MailTo Syntax On A Webpage ?

The mailto URL scheme is used to designate the Internet mailing address of an individual or service. In its simplest form, a mailto URL contains an Internet mail address which upon clicking will launch the default mailing software on the computer.     Sometimes we also require the message headers and body to populated as well, mailto […]

The Unconventional Guide To Hacking

  What Is Hacking ? The first and foremost question is what the hell is this ‘hacking’ thing ? So let me tell you, the word ‘hacking’ derived from ‘hack’ which was just the method of solving a problem during the 50’s and 60’s long before it was associated with the thriving computer programming scene. In […]